Business Basics
Business Basics is for businesses that simply need to add and manage content on their websites.

Business Basics allows you to:
  • Add and edit webpages, including text, images and downloadable files.

  • Assign webpages to website navigation menus

  • Assign meta data to webpages and navigation categories for Search Engine Optimisation

Business Basics is suitable for Service Based Businesses, such as:




Restaurants / Cafe's

Recording Studios


Financial Planners


Hotels / Motels

Performing Artists





Performance Venues


Insurance Brokers

Smash Repairers




Project Managers

Auto Detailers


Hair Stylists



Spray Painters

Graphic Designers

Day Spas

Why You Need To Start Using Business Basics Right Now...
If your Service Based Business is looking to generate more online traffic, leads and sales but your current website is letting you down, SITE BOSS CMS is the solution you need.

We've looked at many of the other popular Content Management Systems on the market and realised one thing - they're just too confusing to be used by the everyday business operator. We decided to build a simple to use CMS for people that don't have time to learn the complexities of the other popular systems.

SITE BOSS CMS packages up the latest in Web 2.0 technologies, providing you with the simplest, non-technical way of creating and managing your website content and metadata to generate that extra traffic that you're looking for. With built-in Visitor Analytics, you can watch what's working and improve where you need to. It couldn't be simpler.

1. Content Management:
You can add new pages and categories using our user-friendly web-based interface. Just point-and-click, enter your text, images and any files you want potential customers to download, then click ‘Save’. Your website is instantly updated.

2. Google Search Results:
SITE BOSS CMS will really help you with those all important Search Engine Results.

Search Engines work by scanning though your site and looking for what's known as 'Meta Data'. What meta data does is help the Search Engine to index your pages correctly so that they are included in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's)  when particular keywords are searched for.

SITE BOSS CMS makes it easy for you to manage and improve the meta data on your site to ensure you are constantly ranking where you need to be.

3. Customer Persuasion:
Once your potential customer has found your website, they'll want to know why they should choose your business over the competition. Again, SITE BOSS CMS gives you another competitive advantage..

The 'Business Basics Package' comes with two important Navigation Sections pre-installed designed to win you business. In your navigation your vistors will see 'Completed Projects' and 'Testimonials'. This is where you can add pages describing what you have done for other clients and what they have to say about you.

4. Completed Projects:
Completed Projects allows you to describe to problem the client may have had, why they came to you for professional assistance in fixing their problem and what solutions you were able to provide. You can even include photos to illustrate the 'before, during and after' status of the project as it progreesed along. This is a great way to encourage people who find you through Search Engines that you are a reputable business that they should consider for their own projects.

5. Testimonials:
Testimonials give your potential customer another good reason to choose you. It let's them see what your other customers have said about you and why they reccommend your services. SITE BOSS CMS has been designed to encourage you to add Testimonials and Completed Projects to project a strong positive image of your business to potential customers.

So, What do I get with the Business Basics Package?

  • A Logical, Easy to Use, Web-based Administration Area              
  • Secure Login to Administration Area using Username and Password            
  • A Site Map that Automatically Updates itself for SEO*
  • Meta Data and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO*)            
  • Web Traffic Monitoring - Google Analytics            
  • Professional Website Design
  • WYSIWYG Page Editor with Spell Check  
  • Internal or External Page & Image Linking
  • Website 'Search' Facility
  • Image Gallery Creator           
  • Advanced and Simple Upload Options 
  • Multimedia Organiser

What can I do with the Administration Area?
  • Add | Edit | Manage | Delete Webpages            
  • Add | Edit | Manage | Delete Navigational Categories            
  • Drag and Drop Navigational Positioning            
  • Add Webpages to One or More Categories (Unlimited Categories)            
  • Assign Navigational Order & Orientation ( Horizontal / Vertical )            
  • Create Search Engine Friendly Page Names (Permalinks)            
  • Assign Webpages to Optional Design Layouts            
  • Add Images to Webpages
  • Drag and Drop Image Positioning            
  • Upload supplementary files - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc.    
  • Drag and Drop File Positioning            
  • Create Marketing Specific Landing Pages            

Sounds Good ... Now what?

Business Basics - Designed for businesses that simply need to add pages to their websites.
Business Professional - Vital for businesses that prepare Quotations for the Goods and Services they provide.
Business Premium - Ideal for Manufacturers, Importers & Resellers needing an integrated CMS / e-Commerce solution.
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