SITE BOSS CMS Business Professional is perfect for businesses that prepare Quotations for the goods and services they provide.

The Business Professional Package includes all of the revolutionary simplicity that you would expect from SITE BOSS CMS (see Business Basics) in the areas of Content and Meta Data Management but includes a number of additional modules designed to take your online business up a gear. 

When you invest in Business Professional Package for your business, you receive a number of additional features that will make your business investment a worthwhile choice. Business Professional extends the capability of SITE BOSS CMS, making it the solution of choice for Australian Business Operators that currently depend upon a Quotation System in their Sales Department.

So, what do I Get with the Business Premium Package?

Product Pages Module:
In addition to being able to Add | Edit | Manage and  Delete webpages, images, downloadable files and meta data, you also get the  'Product Module'  which allows you to upload and display products on your website including additional important information about each product such as:

  • Product Code
  • Product Dimensions - packaged
  • Product Dimensions - assembled
  • Product Weight
  • Product Price - (this won't appear on your website but will appear in 'Request for Quotations'  that your Sales Team receive to assist with fast quote turn arounds)

Quotation Module:
Many businesses are reluctant to put their pricing structures on their website for fear that competitors will see them or that customers will only be encouraged to shop around. This is particularly true in larger ticket priced items.

The SITE BOSS CMS 'Quotation Module'solves the problem by allowing customers to request pricing by adding items to their Quotation Cart (similar to a Shopping Cart), provide their Contact Details and submit their Request For Quotation (RFQ) to you.

The advantages are:

  • That you have the Contact Details of the person requesting the quote.
  • You can adjust the pricing on each quote depending on your knowledge of the customer and the situation.
  • Your competitors will find it awkward to find out your pricing structure as it does not have to be displayed on your website.

The very useful Quotation Module from SITE BOSS CMS may easily prove to be the single most important sales management purchase you will ever make.

Manage Your Quotations Better:
The SBCMS Quotation Module will sort your RFQ's and Quotations depending on their level of completion. The Quotation Module is divided into 5 sections.

  • Pending Requests
  • Submitted Quotes
  • Expired Quotes
  • Quotes Won
  • Quotes Lost

Initially, a new Request for Quotation (RFQ) will arrive from your website and be filed in Pending Requests. Once you've opened it, added your desired pricing and sent it to your customer, it is automatically refiled under Submitted Quotes. Any Quote that passes it's expiry date will be automatically refiled under Expired Quotes. Quotes that are accepted by your customers will be moved into Quotes Won. Those that are rejected will be sent to Quotes Lost.

Sales Management History:
One of the most important functions the Quotation Module provides is a vital historical perspective to all RFQ's & prepared Quotations, that have been generated through the system. It gives you an up to date look at exactly what has been going on in your business, client-by-client, product-by-product, season-by-season.

Search for Quotations for a particular client. See what products have been selling the best and those that you are losing deals on. Find out what items are popular at different times of year to ensure your stock control is ready for the rush.

The Choice Is Yours
 As you make your decision to choose the Content Management System that's right for your business, remember the SITE BOSS CMS Business Professional Package stands out above the rest. This is a low cost solution designed to bring you a combination of simplicity and firepower you'd expect from a system that could cost ten times the investment.

We've looked at the competition and figured the Australian Business Operator needed something better for their businesses. That's why we built SITE BOSS CMS in the first place. For you.

Sounds Good - Now What?
If the Business Professional Package sounds exaclty what you are looking for, Request a Quotation below and we will get back to you with a great price! Please let us know what other options you require so we can understand your requirements.

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Business Basics - Designed for businesses that simply need to add pages to their websites.
Business Professional - Vital for businesses that prepare Quotations for the Goods and Services they provide.
Business Premium - Ideal for Manufacturers, Importers & Resellers needing an integrated CMS / e-Commerce solution.
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