Business Premium is ideal for Manufacturers, Importers & Resellers that need an
integrated CMS / e-Commerce solution.

Business Premium allows you to:
  • Do everything you can with Business Basics and a lot more....
  • Add / Edit / Delete product page content - text, images, files, dimensions, weight and pricing.
  • Add meta data to pages and navigation categories for better Google results
  • Receive Sales Orders and Payment from site visitors online
  • Convert Sales Order information into Packing Slips and Tax Invoices online
  • Review Sales History by Date / Customer / Product / Address
  • Manage and handle Sales Orders and Tax Invoices in an organised, professional way
  • Save time in the preparation and delivery of online orders
  • Analyse your site traffic using the power of Google Analytics


Why You Need To Start Using Business Premium Right Now.

If you're a Manufacturer or Reseller looking to generate more online traffic, leads and sales but your current website is letting you down, you really need to take a good look at how SITE BOSS CMS Business Premium can provide the solution you've been looking for.

We've bench-tested many of the other popular Content Management Systems on the market and realised one thing - they're just too confusing to be used by the everyday business operator. We decided to build a simple-to-use CMS for people that don't have time to learn the complexities of the other popular systems.

As you know, SITE BOSS CMS packages up the best Web 2.0 technologies providing you with the simplest, non-technical way of creating and managing content on your website. The Business Premium Package extends the capability of SITE BOSS CMS, making it the solution of choice for Australian Business Operators that currently require a reliable, trouble-free e-Commerce System in their Sales Department. Additional Features: Business Premium includes all of the revolutionary simplicity that you would expect from SITE BOSS CMS in the areas of Content and Meta Data Management but includes a number of additional modules designed to take your online business up a gear. Some of the many features include:
  • Product Pages Module
  • e-Commerce / Shopping Cart
  • Freight Cost Calculator
  • Trade Accounts
  • Configurable Pricing Levels
  • Sales History

When you invest in Business Premium for your business, you receive a complete e-Commerce suite like no other that will make your business investment a worthwhile choice.

Product Pages Module
In addition to being able to Add / Edit / Delete page text, images, downloadable files and meta data, the Product Pages Module also allows you to display additional important information about each product including:
  • Product Code
  • Product Dimensions - packaged
  • Product Dimensions - assembled
  • Product Weight
  • Product Price

e-Commerce / Shopping Cart Module
If you're going to implement an e-Commerce solution for your business you need to know that it does a number of things well. It is vitally important that potential customers find the shopping experience on your site to be quick, simple and logical, secure and non-threatening.

Business Professional is designed to make the process of selecting products and purchasing them as simple as possible because if customers get confused, they bail out. If customers feel pressured to buy, they bail out. If customers don't feel safe about providing credit card details, they bail out.

It's so important to respect and assist the customer in every step of the purchasing process without overwhelming them. That's why Business Premium is so great. We've built a product that is forged on an understanding and respect for what the customer wants to do and how they want to be treated.

Business Premium streamlines the entire checkout process to a few clicks to avoid confusion while providing useful help tips that only display if the customer needs them. Most of the time, the customer will just follow the process and complete the purchase in a minimum of time.

All transactions are perfomed with the highest level of protection provided by leading third party vendors such as Comodo, Thawte and Verisign. You know you're in safe hands.

Freight Cost Calculator
There has long been a problem associated with many e-Commerce solutions and that is, while a customer may be able to pay for products online, there is the difficult issue of freight to be considered. This often requires a series of follow-up emails or phone calls to finalise the deal and the sometimes unexpected cost of freight can also cause the customer to have a change of heart.

Busines Premium has the answer. Using a live data connection to Australia Post's freight cost database, a cost for freight can be incorporated right into the sale price so the customer knows the total cost before proceeding to pay. This means less follow-ups and less cancelled sales.

In the near future, Business Premium will also offer similar freight costs from a number of other large freight forwarding companies. Existing customers will be upgraded to these services free of charge.
Trade Accounts
As Business Premium is a true end-to-end business solution, it would not have been complete without a module to manage customer and trade accounts. Allow your customers to create their own account profile and access their preset pricing levels when they shop on your site.

 As trade accounts are a feature of most commercial operations, our module is designed to record key personnel within the customer account such as, Managing Director and Financial Controller. It also stores all Billing and Shipping details for the account, the type of Account, (Retail, Trade, Wholesale) and the trading terms you offer to them. It also allows you to store the contact details of up to three Trade Referees that the account applicant may provide.

When a client wishes to establish a Trade Account with your business, they complete an online form on your site which is submitted to your finance department for approval. If approved, they will be notified by email and given a User Name and Password. The finance department can also nominate or create a pricing level the client will see when they visit the website. The client only gets to see the preset pricing level that the finance department approves for their account.

Trade Account customers will also have access to the status of their orders (paid / not paid / shipped etc) and be able to view and print any previous purchases they may have made through the website.

Sales Management History
One of the most important functions the e-Commerce Module provides is a vital historical perspective to all Sales Orders, Freight Costs, Packing Slips, Credit Notes and Tax Invoices that have been generated through the system. It gives you an up to date look at exactly what has been going on in your business, client-by-client, product-by-product, season-by-season.

Search for Sales Orders or Tax Invoices for a particular client. See what products have been selling the best and those that you are losing deals on. Find out what items are popular at different times of year to ensure your stock control is ready for the rush.

The Choice Is Yours
As you make your decision to choose the Content Management System that's right for your business, remember the SITE BOSS CMS Business Premium Package stands out above the pack. This is a low cost solution designed to bring you a combination of simplicity and firepower you'd expect from a system that could cost ten times the investment.

We've looked at the competition and figured the Australian Business Operator needed something better for their businesses. That's why we built SITE BOSS CMS in the first place. For you.

Sounds Good - Now What?
If the Business Premium Package sounds exaclty what you are looking for, Request a Quotation below and we will get back to you with a great price!

Business Basics - Designed for businesses that simply need to add pages to their websites.
Business Professional - Vital for businesses that prepare Quotations for the Goods and Services they provide.
Business Premium - Ideal for Manufacturers, Importers & Resellers needing an integrated CMS / e-Commerce solution.
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