Freight Module
One of the biggest drawbacks with many other CMS’s is their inability to handle the difficult issue of freight. It is complex because it requires a dataset for ‘Cubic Volume’ and another dataset for ‘Destination Pricing’.

Many companies produce goods that are bulky in size and need to be freighted to customers. The cost of freight is calculated on cubic volume and shipping distance. Our Freight Module allows you to enter the physical dimensions of each product so that it can be displayed accurately on the website and then allows you to specify a percentage increase the final cubic volume of the product to allow for the additional bulk of packaging.

Our Freight Module removes the need to manually calculate volume of goods and the phoning of freight companies for prices so you can prepare a separate freight quote on every order. Unlike virtually any other CMS, it can be configured so that you never have to make another call to a freight company unless you wish to change your carrier.

Accounts Module
As our goal was to build a true end-to-end business solution, the CMS would not have been complete without a module to manage customer accounts. Allow your customer to create their own account profile and access their preset pricing levels. As trade accounts are a feature of most commercial operations, our module is designed to record key personnel within the customer account such as, Managing Director and Financial Controller. It also stores all Billing and Shipping details for the account, the type of Account, (Retail, Trade, Wholesale) and the trading terms you offer to them. It also allows you to store the contact details of up to three Trade Referees that the account applicant may provide.

When a client wishes to establish a Trade Account with your business, they complete an online form, which is submitted to your finance department for approval. If approved, they will be notified by email and given a User Name and Password. The finance department can also nominate which pricing level the client will see when they visit the website. There are currently three preset pricing level options that can be allocated. The client only gets to see the preset pricing level that the finance department approves for their account. Once an account has been approved and established the customer will also have access to the status of their orders (paid/not paid/ shipped etc) and be able to view and print any previous purchases made through the website.

Shopping Cart / e-Commerce Module
This module allows your customers to select the products that they wish to purchase and add it to their Shopping Cart. The module then totals all orders, adds the required GST  component. If shipping is required, the system will calculate the total volume of goods to be shipped and calculate the freight component, also adding it to the total.

If the customer does not have an account with you they will be asked to purchase the product by credit card and then the system completes the sale by processing the customer’s credit card using secure 128 bit encryption, depositing the funds directly into your business’ bank account. If they have an account with you they will have the option to pay by credit card, by Cheque or by Direct Deposit.

Sales History Module
The ‘Sales History’ Module is an ideal sales and marketing tool as well as a streamlined administration tool. The module records any sales that are processed through the website and attributes them to their correct trade account so you have a running history of what any customer has ever purchased from your business through the website.

This can assist with Accounts Receivable tracking as it gives you a snapshot of orders that have been shipped but not paid for. It also allows you to see trends in buying patterns for each account over time.Once an order is placed by a customer through the website you simply go to the administration area and they will appear under ‘Unconfirmed Orders’. You can then select ‘confirm’ and print out a ‘Purchase Confirmation Invoice’ and send to the factory for delivery. Here is a list of what you can track through the Sales History Module:

- All Sales
- Unconfirmed Orders
- Confirmed Orders
- Shipped Orders (paid)
- Shipped Orders (unpaid)
- Unshipped Orders (paid)
- Unshipped Orders (unpaid)

Business Basics - Designed for businesses that simply need to add pages to their websites.
Business Professional - Vital for businesses that prepare Quotations for the Goods and Services they provide.
Business Premium - Ideal for Manufacturers, Importers & Resellers needing an integrated CMS / e-Commerce solution.
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