One of the most important actions you can take to align your business website with your other marketing activities is the use of Landing Pages. Typically, Landing Pages have a simple-to-remember URL and are unique to one specific promotion.

Why Use Landing Pages?
The benefit of using Landing Pages is that they enable you to do two things really well.

1. Landing Pages allow you to create a promotion specific web page that includes all the information about your promotion including product details, product bundle contents, price discounting, call to actions and expiry dates

2. Landing Pages allow you to measure exactly how many visitors arrive as a result of your promotion or advertisement, how long they spent on the Landing Page, which other pages they visited on your site, and where they left from. With the power of Google Analytics this is actually only a fraction of what can be measured if it's configured to do so but you get the general idea.
Here's What You Do...
The idea is that you run a promotion, perhaps an ad in the daily newspaper, to promote a special offer for a particular product that you sell. In the ad, you include a simple URL that people can remember or quickly write down such as and encourage readers to visit your website for more information about the offer. When readers see the ad and decide to visit your Landing Page URL, everything about their actions is recorded. 

Determine The Outcome First
It is very important to pre-determine what your desired outcome will be once a reader visits your Landing Page. Do you want them to purchase the product online? Read more information about the product and come into the store for a demonstration? Download a whitepaper on the product? It's up to you but make sure you know what you want the visitor to do and be sure to build any necessary supporting pages or direct them to the areas of you site that you wish for them to visit, e.g. after landing and adding the product to their shopping cart, direct them to your secure check out.

Measure Effectiveness & ROI
The whole process is brilliant for measuring Return On Investment for virtually any marketing or advertising activity. Simply create a promtion specific URL, promote the URL to your target sector and measure the landing page traffic and desired outcome conversion rate. Landing Pages take all the guess work out of advertsing effectiveness.

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